Yo Gabba Gabba! is an American children’s television show airing on Nick Jr. starring a cast of five colorful characters who come to life when their friend, DJ Lance Rock, says the magic words, “Yo Gabba Gabba!” The Gabba gang explores a variety of topics including eating healthy, dancing and exercising, going to the doctor and being nice to others! The show is noted for the appearances of indie and pop-culture guests stars and bands for the Dancey Dance and Super Music Friends segments. Created by Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz, the show appeals to both children and their parents!

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DJ LANCE ROCK is a magician-musician. He brings a mysterious boom-box that carefully protects his special toy creatures inside. After he places each toy on to the miniature play set, he breathes life into them with the magical words, "Yo Gabba Gabba!!". He loves to interact with his friends from above and sometimes beams in to teach everyone a DJ Lance-dance!


BROBEE, the little one is sometimes reluctant to try new things. He relies on his friends for assurance in a lot of things. Music makes Brobee happy and helps give him the confidence to smile, dance and wave his long arms in the air. He loves balloons and his toy named "Pillow Socky".


FOOFA, the pink flower bubble is a giggly, happy girl that loves flowers and all things cute and cuddly. Her favorite things to do include dancing and dreaming about unicorns. She is very sensitive to the needs of her friends and the other creatures in Gabba Land.


MUNO is a tall and friendly red Cyclops. He likes watching bugs and eating noodles. Muno is eager to please and make friends. He is very energetic, and that can sometimes result in a clumsy mistake. However, Muno always does his best to make up for whatever problems he might have caused.


PLEX is the yellow robot of many wonders and magical powers. He is always there to provide music for singing and dancing. He teaches lessons and beams guests into Gabba Land. Like a good big brother, he usually knows how to solve the problems that arise.


TOODEE, the blue cat dragon, likes to have fun! She is funny, smart, athletic and has a tendency to make mischief. Toodee likes ice skating, running around in circles and trying new things. She has a bold, boisterous personality and loves giving high-fives to her friends!


GOOBLE is a sad ghost who occasionally shows up in Gabba Land.  He is always crying for some reason or another, and that can cause it to be hard for him make new friends.  He is very shy and hides behind trees or rocks so people won’t see him. Gooble likes to watch what’s going on from a distance. He has the ability to appear and disappear at will, transporting himself back and forth to his home in the mysterious Gooble Land.


DJ Lance Rock first met BARBARA long ago at a dance class they were both taking. As a gift to her knew friend, she made him his now-famous hat from her feathers. Barbara loves opera music and singing show tunes to her eggs. After a long nature hike to the top of Gabba Mountain, the friends of Gabba Land met Barbara, a friendly flying Sasquatch bird-lady. She sits in her nest to keep her eggs warm and is friendly to anyone who happens to visit.


FOOFLE is the coolest blue flower bubble around! He spends all day at the beach with his surfboard, riding the waves and talking to dolphins but he’s never too busy to spend time with his little sister, Foofa!  Sometimes he gives Toodee surfing lessons and they love to rip up waves together. Although Foofle is usually off having his own adventures, and isn’t around a whole lot, he gets along really well with Foofa and the rest of the Gabba friends.  He loves to have picnics with them on the beach in-between wave swells.


KEEDEE is a rambunctious little green cat-dragon who loves adventure and fun, just like his big sister Toodee! He loves playing outdoors, climbing trees, catching bugs and exploring new places. In fact, he doesn’t even mind getting a little scrape or a bruise from time to time. He only has one fang and he can’t remember if the other one fell out on its own, or got knocked out while roughhousing.  Although he might be a little rough around the edges, Keedee still loves his sister and looks up to her. They’re great buddies!


Muno sure likes to play with his friends in Gabba Land, but he always loves to come home to his family.  His dad, BRUNO loves western movies and computers! His mom’s, UNA’s, favorite things are her pet Chihuahua and Chinese food. CHIBO is Muno’s little sister who loves school and baby owls.  She’s also good friends with Toodee and Foofa and often comes to visit. Last but not least, there’s Baby GOGO who is very cute!  Sometimes, Una lets Muno help take care of him by feeding, washing or dressing him.


PLEXEE is a baby robot who is also Plex’s niece.  Like many babies and toddlers, she likes to have fun and play, but gets scared when people get to close or loud around her.


Do you like to rock?  The Yo Dazzlers sure do!  They are the hottest band in all of Gabba Land!  They have devoted fans far and wide, including Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Plex and Toodee! The Gabba friends love the great songs the Yo Dazzlers play and even get to see them perform concerts on the mini-stage when DJ Lance Rock places it in Gabba Land. The Yo Dazzlers have had lots of their own adventures and stories.  Sometimes, guests on the Super Music Friend Show even ask the Yo Dazzlers to back them up! PS - They all share the last name Dazzler, but do you know their first names? (L to R) Chip, Big Bitz, Jean-Pierre and Riffington (he's the tall guy)!


All our friends our different, but we love them all the same!  That’s very true, especially with Archibald! Archibald is a big purple worm that wears glasses to help him see better. He’s good friends with DJ Lance Rock, and he loves to play with his two worm babies, Annie and Armand. Sometimes he trusts Muno to babysit his worm babies and if everything goes well, he lets his friends ride on his back for a trip through Gabba Land!


Sparkles is a magical unicorn, giraffe friend who lives in the sky.  She is covered in magical gems that glimmer in the sunlight. Once, she was stuck on a cloud because her air balloon ran out of air.  Brobee helped her by finding a hole in the balloon and patching it up.  She was so grateful that she took Brobee back to the ground to get the rest of his friends and took them all up for a ride in the sky in her beautiful balloon!


The Oskie Bugs are a cheerful hard-working species of bug that lives primarily in Toodee Land, but have also been spotted in all other parts of Gabba Land.  They dig deep tunnels under the ground and share their homes with other bugs like worms, millipedes and potato bugs.  At the heart of their underground homes lives the Queen Oskie Bug.  The friends of Gabba Land once got to shrink down and visit the Oskie Bugs’ home, meeting the Queen Bug and visiting the nursery to watch baby Oskie Bugs hatch!


Spooky Toast is a funny friend who flies by occasionally. He is a winged piece of toast who has been known to say hello... or heckle Muno for his new glasses. Not much is known about the mysterious Spooky Toast, other than the fact that he is more silly than spooky.


Diego is a smooth-talking lizard that lives in the rocks of Muno Land. He’s a great singer and is always quick to join in whenever anyone is dancing or having a good time. Always friendly and quick to lend a hand, this relaxed reptile is one cool cat – but he’s a lizard!


Mrs. Fox is one foxy mama!  No, really!  She has three baby fox cubs that she loves oh so much.  They all live together in a small foxhole in the grassy hills of Foofa Land. Like most foxes, she is very quick and energetic. She also is a very fast runner.  In her younger years, Mrs. Fox was a champion track-and-field runner at the Fox Training Academy and won many medals over the years.  Now that she’s a mom, she doesn’t run as much, but she stays active by dancing! She loves to come out with her babies and dance whenever she hears someone playing a good beat outside.

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